yellow mica recordings

ladies and gentlemen, YMR is very proud to present our 30th release! it's a 18 song cd that comes in a special hand made cover, featuring 18 of our favourite bands doing covers of first wave punk & hard core songs. The complete line up is:

1. Boyracer: So fucking Swedish (Originally recorded by Urban Släke, Sweden 1981)
2. The Lucksmiths: Dignified and old (Originally recorded by The modern lovers, USA 1976)
3. Hulaboy: Someday (Originally recorded by The Babylon Dance Band, USA 1981)
4. The Tall Boy: I don't mind (Originally recorded by The Buzzcocks, UK 1978)
5. Pants Yell!: Suburban home (Originally recorded by The Descendents, USA 1982)
6. The Manhattan Love Suicides: Orphans (Originally recorded by Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, USA 1979)
7. The Faintest Ideas: År 3000 (Originally recorded by Pizzoar, Sweden 1980)
8. Inspaceno!: Dean's dream (Originally recorded by The Dead Milkmen, USA 1984)
9. The Young Untold: Jackanory stories (Originally recorded by Television Personalities, UK 1981)
10. Emily Jane Powers: Sheena is a punk rocker (Originally recorded by The Ramones, USA 1977)
11. The Elks: Communist radio (Originally recorded by The Eat, USA 1979)
12. Jilted Jen: Jilted Jen (Originally recorded by Jilted John, UK 1978)
13. Brotherhood of broken hearts: I hate the rich (Originally recorded by The Dils, USA 1977)
14. Downdime: (I'm) Stranded (Originally recorded by The Saints, Australia 1977)
15. Kin: A question of degree (Originally recorded by Wire, UK 1979)
16. Bunnygrunt: Lights out (Originally recorded by Angry Samoans, USA 1982)
17. The Infestations: I kill hippies (Originally recorded by Jack Tragic and the Unfortunantes, USA 1983)
18. James Ausfahrt: I'm your man (Originally recorded by Richard Hell & the Voidoids, USA 1977)

as you see this is something out of the ordinary and we are very proud that these fantastic bands wanted to be on this cd. so, go ahead and buy it here!


ok, here we go again, rocket punch is now out, and so is the grade grubbers. we are extremely proud to be able to put out these two bands! there are songs to download in the discography section, and records to buy in the shop. off you go!


it's been a long, long time since we updated this site, we've just been content with having our myspace site i suppose. anyway, now we have big news for you! our new release is from a guy called august schwartz and it's a nine minute long lo-fi feast. don't miss it. so off you go, to the shop! further on we can tempt you with releases from rocket punch and some secret stuff that we'll tell you about soon!


the haircuts full length album "sorrow is the way to love" is now out! Buy it from us in the shop or check out your favourite distro - they might have it.

thanks to asaurus records we do now have some of our releases available in the usa.


ok, time for a new release from the capstan shafts. this time we decided to go big (or rather: capstan decided) and do a full length album. so let's celebrate the first ever full length cd by one single artist at yellow mica! go capstan! well, you've read about it what are you waiting for? go buy it in the shop.


the new ep from let's be honeys is now out, get it from the shop, or from our distributors.

and some sad news; due to higher prices on everything that we need to make the cd-rs, well have to rise the prices a bit on the new releases. sad but true, as metallica once sang. on the good side, the records will look better from now on.


we have great news for those of you who don't have a complete javelins collection; the 4 first ep's + some more stuff are now available as a compilation called "terrific times and unrehearsed crimes". it's released by the great swedish label melodrama. you'll also see a bunch of (un)flattering pictures of the boys in the band when you lay your eyes on the insert. be part of the fun and get if as fast as you can.

and some ymr news as well; the long awaited ep from let's be honeys will be out within two weeks, and kin is on his way with a new ep, the capstan shafts is recording new stuff for us and the haircuts will release their full-length album on yellow mica early this year.

uhm, what else...? we're still waiting for the diskettes to make the cover for their live album, but i'm sure it'll be out one of these days.


yeah i know, it's been almost a month since last time the capstan shafts released something, but finally he have a new ep out. this time it's on his own label ladder the christmas monkey, and the titel is "the sun don't get things done without a little help from everyone". you can buy it from asaurus records where you'll find a bunch of his other releases as well.


we have a new release out now, this time from a new friend who calls himself the bedroom singer. this is his stunning debut, so feel free to check it out in the shop.

and something else as well, javelins are playing at join our club here in gothenburg the 30th of december, don't miss it.


today is the day when the nazis are marching the streets, protected by the cops in sweden, so if you live here, give them the boot, and do it hard as hell!!!


from what we've heard, the new ep from we are soldiers we have guns is now out. get it from stereo test kit. and of course the capstan shafts have a new record out as well, i mean, it's been a month since last time he released something. this time he's on abandoned love records, who by the way mentioned ymr as an influence in their newsletter last week.

we have some new stuff on the way including releases from bright lights, the diskettes and kin.

we're still waiting for august schwartz to re-remix his songs since it seems like he want it perfect, but sometime it will be out.

and by the way, the diskettes/ port city allstars split is sold out, but you can still get it from poppolar in canada.

and for you who wants the early javelins eps, there will be a compilation of those 4 first cd-rs + some unreleased tracks out on a new swedish label later this year, we'll let you know when they're available.


this is something you have to hear and enjoy; the new capstan shafts ep! it's a free download from the great label/blog site beat the indie drum. c'mon, what are you waiting for?


we are soldiers we have guns will release a new ep within a few days. this time she's on the stereo test kit label, so make sure that you pick it up as soon as it's out.

and the new ep from my enemy is out now. it's called "roo ep" and you'll find it in the shop.

and finally, in case you don't have the diskettes/ port city allstars split and the capstan shafts ep, you should get a copy of it now since we only have a few copies left of these.


a new swedish blogsite called "thee power of twee" just put up a really good interview with the haircuts, read it here.


here's some news at last, the compilation "our hearts beat out of tune" is now for sale, and so is the young untold ep.

the new double grooved 7" from boyracer will be for sale really soon, so if you want to preorder it, that's ok. it's a split between yellow mica, 555, parapop, happy happy birthday to me and phonostatique records called "it's not true grit it's real dirt".

you'll find them all in the shop, and there are some new mp3s in the discography/downloads section as well.

the haircuts have a new website, you'll find it here.

we've changed the prices in the shop as well, so finally it's more or less the same price no matter what currency you'll pay in. after doing this we would like to say sorry to everyone who has paid us in £ before, since you paid us a little bit to much...


the tokyo eye ep is now sold out, but don't forget to buy their new 7" from vapen & godis.

050719 (again)

finally gothenburgs finest punks, tokyo eye, got a website of their own, you'll find it here.


changing names, new bands and new releases...

first noise decided to change his name to august schwartz, and his new ep will be released as soon as we get the cover.

the young untold is done as well, we're just waiting for the inlay.

we will release our first full length album within a few weeks, and it will be a compilation featuring all bands that released records on ymr so far + some new friends. the complete line up will be:

kin, boyracer, the haircuts, the second-hand furniture, happy go lucky, javelins, the capstan shafts, birds of galapagos, the diskettes, tokyo eye, let's be honeys, we are soldiers we have guns, the young untold, august schwartz and the port city allstars. almost all of the songs are previously unreleased, so we think it will be a pretty nice compilation.

new releases from ymr related bands:

boyracer has a new ep called "insults and insights" out on kittridge records, who will release the new capstan shafts as well.

tokyo eye has a 7" out now on vapen & godis, and it's great!

and finally, the haircuts just released a 6 songs cassette on the italian label best kept secret.


the new kin ep is out now. it's called "the elderberry tree ep" and it's selling really well, so if you want it, order it as soon as possible.


well, we've been kind of lazy lately, especially after one of us (martin) accidently throw away some news that we just had written. never mind, here's the news, even thou some of them ain't that new.

javelins 7" is out now, and a new ep has been recorded with the help from ara (yep, the famous armenian demonproducer!).

kin's latest ep "my care less index" is now sold out, but a new one should be on the way pretty soon.

birds of galapagos debut ep is finally out, you'll find it in the shop, 2ge4 (together for those of you who haven't seen ali g -da movie) with our latest release: a split between the diskettes and port city all stars, canadian indie is in sweden to stay, remember where you heard it the second time... here's the proof; javelins, the second-hand furniture, the budgies and no more or less then the diskettes are playing in gothenburg friday the 3rd of june at henriksberg.

the diskettes are touring europe as we speak so check out their website for more info.

guess that's it for now.

take care and stay on top.


ok, it's been a while since we had some news up, but here's some. javelins will have a releaseparty for their new 7" "we paid a lot for our style" the 15th of april. the party takes place at henriksberg (gothenburg) and starts at 21.00. at the same night, the young untold will do his only european gig + superb dj sets from jörgen and rené (fraction discs) and simon (club bongolia) will make this a night to remember. you can buy tickets from us for 50 skr, and it might be a good idea to do that since we're not allowed to let in as many people as we wish we could. e-mail us at to figure out how to do it.

take care til next time.


more nice news: Kin has released his third ep on yellow mica! we are proud to present the care less index. don't miss out on this one, if he gets his way it will only be released in a very very limited edition. more nice ymr-related stuff: tokyo eye are releasing a 7" on Vapen & Godis. look out for it!


OK! good news, the capstan shafts and the haircuts eps are now officialy released. they are both gorgeous works of art and spectaculary good eps. of course all of you will realise that this is what you need and start ordering like mad. that's ok kids. go nuts! go get them in the shop at once!


short news... tokyo eye will be playing in gothenburg this thursday, 27th of january at gbg pirates (kompaniet) with protestera. be there or be square.


sorry for what i wrote about the capstan shafts some days ago, the correct description should be as amazing as the amazing spiderman, as incredible as the incredible hulk and as fantastic as the fantastic four.

this time i think i got the things said that really wanted to say.


today we got the capstan shafts ep in our filthy hands, so now we're just waiting for the cover to show up, and it will be out, just to please you. it will be called "demondogs of the american parkservice" and contains 10 brilliant songs that some people will call lofi, but we will refer to it as the beautiful work of one of the greatest one-man band in all the world of music!

and today our favorite weirdo, kin, said that he will release not one, but two new ep's on valentines day, but to be honest, i don't really know if i belive him.

more stuff categorized as believe it or not... birds of galapagos told us that they've recorded their stuff, and are now working on the artwork for the cover, but we belive it when we see it.

over and out!


javelins will be playing in uppsala with saturday looks good to me on the 5th of feburary. see javelins part of this site for more info.


long time, no see, saw, needles and pins... finally we have some news, and i guess we'll start with the delays. kin, birds of galapagos and first noise are still recording, at least that what we've heard. tokyo eye will record about now, so just wait, and something will happen. and now on to the good news, that don't concern delays. javelins have sent their songs to mastering, so the plans are going just the way they should.

and now on the really funny stuff, we have some new bands just waiting to join us in our struggle for world domination, in true d.i.y. style. for those of you with way too much time to spend on waiting, this is guaranteed worth waiting for, when we with great pride humbly offer you the young untold (previously known as bend-over boyfriend), the capstan shafts and the haircuts.

if you don't wanna buy any of our records, please give some money to charity organisations who helps the people affected by the tsunami in south-east asia.


good and bad news this time... the show in gothenburg the 15th of december with javelins/ tokyo eye and first noise is cancelled, but will probably take place in january instead. that's the bad news, but the good news is that the superstars of indiepunk, living legends, five-piece rimshots tokyo eye is playing here in gothenburg this saturday (4/12) at atlante. If you miss this we'll tell everyone we know that you're not that cute as we said before. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAH!

anyway, take care.


we, the people at yellow mica have top 3 lists on the finnish indiepop site indiepopmusic. check it out and see if we can match you.


boyracer got a new site, and you'll find it here, and make sure to check it out since it got some new features on it.

and as usual every record is delayed, and that includes kin, birds of galapagos, first noise and tokyo eye. it might happen that one of these records will be out this year, but i wouldn't bet any money on it.


javelins have recorded 3 songs for the upcomming 7", and it will be out in february next year.

javelins will be playing with love is all at blekingska in lund the 19th of november, and the 15th of december in gothenburg with tokyo eye at kåren. don't miss this.


some short news... don't miss tokyo eye in gothenburg this wednesday with crystal and mala fide. doors open at 21.00.

kin, birds of galapagos and first noise are recording and mixing as you read this, and if we can belive the rumours, kin new stuff will be out within two weeks, and will contain the two first sold-out ep's as well as a bunch of brand new songs.


tokyo eye got some gigs comming up. the 27th of october they will be playing in gothenburg at pusterviksteatern and 3 days later (30/10) they will be raising hell in the town everyone loves, hjo! our advice is that you'll go and see them if you're somewhere near.


an interview with boyracer is up now on the swedish site le manchester, check it out.


tokyo eye will play in gothenburg this friday (24/9) with fistfull at majvallens klubbstuga. this is a support gig for maarten from holland who got arrested under the eu-meeting in gothenburg. apart from live music there is cheap vegan food, dj's, disco and discourses. the place opens at 19.00, and you can find more info about it here.


yellow mica recordings is now an official sell-out label after being mentioned on swedish national radio.


there will be an interview with boyracer on p3 pop on monday the 6th of september. the show is between 22.10 and 00.00, and you can listen to it over the net as well, just click on the link above to find out more about it.


ok, finally there are downloads from tokyo eye and boyracer in the discography/ downloads part of this site. unfortunately i had to remove some songs from the first javelins as well as from the first kin to give room for the new downloads, but at least you can download songs from everything we've released so far.

other news... music from ymr will probably appear in a swedish zombiemovie that will be shown next year at the gothenburg movie festival, we'll give you more info about that as soon as we know more, but we're pretty excited about it. pop and zombies is probably one of the best combinations we know (don't think christoffer might agree on that thou, he's very easy scared so he'll probably see the movie with closed eyes!).

apart from that i guess there is nothing new... sorry.


one song from javelins "pale average crooks ep" available for downloading, and there will be songs from tokyo eye and boyracer available for downloading as soon as i'll find copies of the records... i'll try to do it this week, i swear.

040827 (lunchtime)

not really latest news but anyway... swedish radio p3 played three boyracer songs from their ymr e.p. on the program musikjournalen (20/8) as well as an interview with the band . the songs were "pop holiday", "concede" and "heaven is not broken". there will be a longer interview with the band on p3 pop within a few weeks. click here for details on that one.

040827 (morning)

made some changes in the shop since we discovered that the prices were too high if you paid in pound and too low if you paid in euros, but now you pay more or less the same price no matter what currency you use. sorry if you paid too much earlier, but congratulations if you paid less, but from now on, no more injustice!


time for a serious updates, even if it will take some days for us to get everything done. we'll try to update everything (bandpages, mp3's, discography etc) so it might be worth to check this site out every once in a while.

let's start with our new releases; the boyracer 7" is out now, and it's brilliant so if you want it go to the shop. the same thing goes for the new javelins ep as well as the debut from gothenburgs finest; tokyo eye. other new releases that we know will come within a not too distant future is first noise (brilliant lo-fi tweepunk from the guy who runs the tapelabel små krullig får), birds of galapagos (yep, we thought that one would be one of our first releases, but now it seems like it's about to happen, two songs recorded so far) and last but not least, the first ep from bend over boyfriends (ara from boyracer goes solo with a bunch of the who records under one arm, and a bunch of d.i.y. indie-history under the other... we are so looking forward to that one).

and more stuff from old artists as javelins, kin, tokyo eye and hopefully we are soldiers we have guns will show up as soon as it's recorded.

by the way, the first 7 records from ymr are now sold out, but there is a possibility that we'll put them all together as a cheap compilation.

make sure to see boyracer on the rest of their european tour, click here to see if madness comes to your town.


hey hey hey! time for some new updates, it's been far too long and lots of exciting stuff has happened. first of all: the boyracer ep is finally out!!! its called yorkshire soul and you know you need it! get it in the shop. the nice people of boyracer is also in sweden right now and will be preforming in kalmar wed 17/8, malmö 18/8 and göteborg 21/8, they will supported by both javelins and the second-hand furniture, if you're anywhere near these places at these times you better be there cause its's gonna be really good concerts! nice reviews for the tokyo eye ep and the javelins ep have come up on think small and as well as in vanity project, check them up here. that's it for now, take care!


okey, the problems with our mail seems to be over for now, so now the only problem remains with us at ymr. we know that we're a bit lazy every once in a while, mainly about sending records away. we're very sorry about that, and i guess only excuse is you who order from us. you know, we're not used to have people e-mailing us everyday, ordering records, asking questions and so on... it really came as a shock for us when that did happen. from getting one mail each week to up to fifteen mails everyday. of course, this makes us really happy and proud (jumping up and down, screaming and dancing), but there is only one tiny problem; will you still love us tomorrow (sorry, just trying to make you sing) cause we're sorry to say that the second-hand furniture ep is sold out. but on the other hand they will have new stuff out soon on other labels. good news is that the new javelins ep is out now, a bit delayed of course but anyway. it's called pale average crooks (see javelins site for more info). and tokyo eye is out now as well, and it's called fuck you, idiot!

so what else is new ...we won't do any updates here for a little while, not that we do that anyway, but christoffers computer will be away for some repairs from tomorrow. feel free to send get well wishes if you want to.

and more stuff, javelins will play in malmö the 18th of august with boyracer, the second-hand furniture and the handsome train at café ufo, and then the 21st of august in gothenburg with boyracer. and according to rumours there will be javelins gigs in oslo, stockholm and kalmar/växjö as well, but this is only rumours and if not we'll let you know.

okey, this will be the last thing for today. since we keep getting mail from people who wants to order sold out stuff we would like to know if you think it's a good idea to do a compilation of the first 7 yellow mica releases as soon as they are sold out. in case that will happen it will be a really cheap full-length cd, so let us know. okey take care.


we've had some problems with our mail lately, we hope to sort it out very soon. also, the yellow mica production line came to a temporary standstill last week so we're a bit behind with the tokyo eye-release and also the javelins-release. they will however be out next week. promise.


hello! long time no news, but here we are! the boyracer 7" is well on it's way, stay tuned for that. so is also the tokyo eye ep, as soon as we get around to print the sleeve, that is... and of course, javelins have just returned from the studio with exciting new material, out very soon here on yellow mica! and by all means do not miss our new guestbook! dead exciting!

040601 (again)

our distributor in hong kong, bruno wong at white noise, got a homepage up now, be there or be hexagonal.


tjofadderittan, here is some new stuff!

the second-hand furniture got new gigs again and first up is gothenburg, 16th of june at le grande illusion (at rio rio) and ten days later (26/6) in malmö at klubb popkonst. these kids sure got their shit together!

and now for some even bigger, not to say gigantic news. yellow mica will release a 8 song 7" by... hold your breath... boyracer!!! this will be released during their swedish tour in august.

and even more releases, we are also proud to announce that we will release a cd-r with tokyo eye very soon, and a new javelins cd will be out in the beginning of july! keep your (tokyo) eyes on this site.


we just discovered that the second-hand furniture homepages is up and running so give them a visit here.

and of course they got some new gigs as well... they will be playing at mitt sista liv in ljungnäs, outside of kalmar with milky wimpshake, free loan investments and many more lovely bands.

and we are proud to tell you that you can buy yellow mica stuff in hong kong from white noise records. e-mail bruno wong at for more info.

and more about distro... as soon as we've sent stuff to popkonst in malmö you can get our stuff there as well.

and the last news for now, the second-hand furniture will release a 7" at fabulous friends records, probably this summer, and javelins will record some new stuff soon.


javelins and the second-hand furniture will be playing together at fabriken in alingsås the 14th of may.

the second-hand furniture will be playing in malmö the 5th of june (we let you know where as soon as we know it) and at emmaboda festivalen 12-14 of august with bands like boyracer, love is all, bearsuit, happy go lucky and deerhoof.

and a little reminder, if you want kin pre monster sales you should order it now since we have very few copies left, and the same thing goes for javelins for a few yards more.


javelins have two concerts coming up, the first at sunday the 25th at distro gbg and the second at rio rio (the salsaboat!) at the 28th of april. it's gonna be good!


the second-hand furniture are playing at the "popsongs your new boyfriend is too stupid to know about" festival in linköping may 8.


we are soldiers we have guns is out now! get it in the shop, because it's excellent.

the fabolous band the second-hand furniture have agreed to let us re-release their first e.p.! it too is available in the shop, plus (finally) kin's pre monster sales.

you can now get some yellowmica recordings at andra långgatans skivhandel in göteborg.


the we are soldiers we have guns e.p. shall be out very soon, most possible this month.

you can buy yellow mica recordings stuff at andra långgatans skivhandel and dna groove in gothenburg from next week.

the kin and the birds of galapagos e.p.'s are still delayed, sorry about that.