Every month or so, we offer up a few downloadable mp3s, usually with some sort of theme.

It's "best of 2010" time, so here's my own list of EPs and LPs!

Note: These songs are only up for a limited time - please don't link to them!


1. Manatee - "Indecision"
from the "Indecision" 7" on Slumberland.

2. Sourpatch - "Funny Inside"
from the "Mira Mija EP" 7" on Happy Happy Birthday To Me.

3. Sweater Girls - "Pretty When You Smile"
from the "Pretty When You Smile" 7" on Happy Happy Birthday To Me.

4. Onward Chariots - "War Hero"
from the "New Adventures In Pop" 7" on Elefant.

5. Gold-Bears - "Tally"
from the "Tally" 7" on Magic Marker.

6. Bubblegum Lemonade - "Caroline's Radio"
from the "Caroline's Radio" 7" on Matinée.

7. Gray Goods - "Color Divide"
from the "Color Divide" 7" on Acapulco Gold.

8. The How - "Polly"
from the How/Boyracer split 7" on 555.

9. Summer Cats - "Your Timetable"
from the "Your Timetable" 7" on Slumberland.

10. Sweater Girls - "Do The Sweater"
from the "Do The Sweater" 7" on Happy Happy Birthday To Me.


1. Superchunk - "Digging For Something"
from the "Majesty Shredding" cd on Merge.

2. Unnatural Helpers - "Sunshine/Pretty Girls"
from the "Cracked Love & Other Drugs" cd on Hardly Art.

3. Math And Physics Club - "Jimmy Had A Polaroid"
from the "I Shouldn't Look As Good As I Do" cd on Matinée.

4. Orca Team - "Vancouver BC"
from the self-released "Let It Go" cd.

5. Magic Kids - "Superball"
from the "Memphis" cd on True Panther.

6. Tours - "Language School"
from the "Album Of The Year...(That Never Was)" cd on Cherry Red.

7. Pangea - "Rumblin' Sound"
from the "Pangea" tape on Lost Sound.

8. Soft Pack - "Down On Loving"
from the "Soft Pack" cd on Kemado.

9. Jaill - "Everyone's Hip"
from the "That's How We Burn" cd on Sub Pop.

10. Electric Pop Group - "My Only Inspiration"
from the "Seconds" cd on Matinée.