UPDATE: Here is a list of our titles still in print, all releases listed on this page are still be in print as of 2014.

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001Oh! Custer - "States" 11 song CDR
003Springfactory - "Springfactory" 10 song CDR
004Robert Church & the Holy Community - "Le Rogue" 16 song CDR
006The Odd Fiddler - "I Wrote Yr Name On A Public Toilet" 11 song CDR
011Bakers at Dawn - "Best of Bakers at Dawn" 13 song CDR
012Thehelpmeplease - "You Still Have Summers" 9 song CDR
013Flannel - "Dear Something, Dear Someone" 12 song CDR
014The Pristines - "States Of Mine" 11 song CDR
015Back In Judy's Shack - "Back in Judy's Shack" 7 song CDR
016Peace In Our Time - "A Glimpse Of Happiness" 15 song CDR
017Lonely Boy - "Lonely Boy... And Other Tragedies" 8 song CDR
024Le Man Avec Les Lunettes - "La Belle Epop" 11 song CDR
025Anthony Rochester - "Music For In The Spaceship" 12 song CDR
026Desmond Reed - "10 Acoustic Demos" 10 song CDR
027The Big Picture - "The Big Picture" CDR
033Electric Needle Room - "Safe, Effective and Fun" 12 song CDR
034Allt Är Musik - "Skapelseberattelsen" 13 song CDR
035Charlie Big Time - "The Tall Storeys Of Charlie Big Time" 11 song CDR
036The Odd Fiddler - "I Do Have Secrets and you might think they are interesting ones" 11 song CDR
037Local Heroes/Blackberry Wine - "Museums For Memories" 8 song split CDR
039Pigeon Lane - "How Sweet, How Kind..." 12 song CDR
040Poland - "Most Of Them Are Clockwork" 11 song CDR
041Sweet Sweet Concorde - "Life In The Canopy" 10 song CDR
042The Hartmans - "Forsta Brevet Till Amerika" 13 song CDR
057Christopher Ostrom - "Audio loading, Please wait..." 13 song CDR
058My Autumn Sons - "Perfect" 8 song CDR
059Johan Cederberg - "Selected Recordings 2004-2006" 10 song CDR
060We & Lisa - "Dreams Within A Dream" 12 song CDR
061Probably My Son - "Good Morning, Hummingbird!" 11 song CDR
062The Mother Z's - "The Mother Z's" 14 song CDR
063Mr. Wright - "Diary Of A Fool" 10 song CDR
064Chapter 29 - "Playing In The Rooms Of Twilight" 19 song CDR
065The Three Potato 4 - "Album Savant" 10 song CDR
066Mike Downey - "Total Hearts" 12 song CDR
067Malkovic - "Little Estrada" 13 song CDR
068Landerim - "Shallow Draw" 8 song CDR
069Forever Instant - "Diversity EP" 13 song CDR
070Chuck Morgan - "Patchworks" 11 song CDR
071Skittle Alley - "Skittle Alley" 11 song CDR
072And Oh, So Slowly He Turned - "By Some Godforsaken Lake Up North" 11 song CDR
073Television Keeps Us Apart - "A Slight Change Of Light" 6 song CDR ($8)
074Cajita - "The Ellipsis" 11 song CDR
077Pretty Abandoned - "Searchlights" 12 song CDR
078The Argyle Wishlist - "My Thoughts Exactly" 11 song CDR
085Poland - "Please Interstellar Policeman" 10 song CDR
086Tramplini - "Tumba Rumba" 10 song CDR
087The Tinycakes - "The First Two Years" 29 song CDR
088James And The Express - "Are Your Tomatoes Safe?" 12 song CDR
096The Morrisons - Listen To The Morrisons CDR
097The Atom Miksa Reservation - Cow Language CDR
098The Party And The Guests - The Party And The Guests CDR
099My Pet Goat - Sköldmö CDR
100The Homestories - Click-Click Clack Clack! CDR
Series Two Records Compilations
Vols. 6-9Volume 6-9: 4 CDR set ($25)
Vols. 10-14Volume 10-14: 5 CDR set ($30)
Vols. 15-19Volume 15-19: 5 CDR set ($30)
Vols. 20-23Volume 20-23: 4 CDR set ($25)
Vols. 15-23Volume 15-19 + Volume 20-23: 9 CDR set ($50)
[This purchase will come with a bonus free full length CD via Series Two.]
Series Two RetrospectiveSeries Two Retrospective: 5 CDR set ($30)
A Series Two Christmas, 2010 compilation CD ($9)

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