(Press Kit last revised October 26, 2013).
Visitors of the Series Two Records site are able to free & legal download (3) mp3's from each full length release made by Series Two Records + other nice songs on the sounds page. Purchase Series Two Records CD's from Series Two Records directly here.

Series Two Records is a DIY record label based in Columbus, Nebraska. Series Two started officially in February of 2006 (although the idea for the label came in March of 2002 when Christopher received inspiration from his uncle in form of Independent band CDs). The label worked with promoting bands around the world to caring people within College, Community & International Radio Programs, MP3 blogs, & CD Review Sites. From 2009 to 2012, the label founder organized Nebraska Pop Festival, a multinational music festival held in Omaha, Nebraska USA. For more information about bands that played the festival may be searched for online. The label founder also actively works with national and international bands/musicians, helping them organize and book shows for national tours.

Series Two Records is moving forward with more new releases in the future. There has been no new releases since fall 2010, however as I am writing this, it's nearly winter 2013, so much time has passed, keep your eyes posted on here for more activity in the years ahead. The festival is also planning a comeback in due time.

Series Two Records made history in 2007, 2008 and 2009 releasing bands from over 30 countries, including the USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Japan, China, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Croatia, New Zealand, Latvia, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Russia, France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Finland, Brazil, Singapore, Israel and other places through a Series of (23) compilations which included over 520 different artists from around the world and also released select artists via full length releases. From June 2007 through September 2010; Series Two Records has officially made over 100 releases including (25) compilations totaling over 1600 minutes of music and released over (60) full lengths & nearly a dozen mini CD/EPs. (Press Kit last revised October 26, 2013).

In the press The First Interview with Series Two Records label owner can be read here. A subsequent interview can be read here. Reviews for most bands on Series Two Records were gathered and added to the “catalog” as time allowed, additional reviews are likely to be found through internet search engines.

Awards and Honors for 2009: For the 2nd consecutive year, Series Two Records was voted label of the year on Twee.net/ Series Two Records 2009 releases made year end lists from many notable figures including Fensepost.com – Washington USA, Neri Rosa (Ultimo Volume Radio – Brazil), Hiroho/Alfa2000 – Japan, Hands and Arms – France & others.

Awards and Honors for 2008: Series Two Records was voted label of the year by the readers on Twee.Net & was voted best label of the year by Ultimo Volume Radio of Brazil. Series Two Records 2008 releases made year end lists from many notable figures including Neri Rosa of Ultimo Volume Radio, Chris from Indiepages, University of Chicago's music director JJ Mack and DJ's, Uwe @ Pop on Paper radio in Germany, & others.