the Rub-A-Dub Tape Club
130 Ft. Greene Place  Brooklyn, NY 11217

Already out:
RAD1 - V.A. "The Hello! Project." comp.
RAD2 - Bright Lights "Through Wires and Rooms" full length cassette.
RAD3 - The Lil' Hospital "Meet The..." 8 track cassette classic. reissue.

On deck:
RAD5 - Youth Untold "Cut The Mids! Live @ Fort Awesome". live cassette.

cassettes are $4 ppd in U.S.
p.m.o. or concealed cash to Chuck R. @ address above.

All cassettes are dubbed on a vintage high speed master deck (x2) and a slave unit (x3). If you have any problems with the fidelity of yr cassettes please feel free to email.