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What does MTQ mean?

Here's the deal: every record is rated on its Mix Tape Quotient, or MTQ. This is the number of songs on that album that merit repeat listening (and hence, being mix tape-worthy). For example, a great 3-song 7" would get 3/3 or a hit-and-miss 12-song cd would get 7/12. Sure, it can sometimes be a little more challenging for me to rate a record this way, but I still find it more useful than a simple 1-5 star rating system!

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cover Watercolor Paintings - "Open Your Mouth" cd  (Destructo-Charo)   Buy at Jigsaw Records!
I have so many fond memories of this band from a fun weekend last summer (that could've been a fun two months, had I actually been able to join Iji on tour), but this album will have to do until I see them again. They've got a number of releases out, on 7"s and cassettes, but this debut cd of theirs is their best work to date. A few of the songs on here have been previously released in various forms, but these recordings capture the band at their best. Clocking in at just over 17 minutes, these ten brief songs are both super-sweet and heartbreaking ("Indiana" still gets me every time), with a fragile instrumentation of harp and ukulele backing Rebecca's dulcet voice (as well as her brother Josh's occasional backing vocals). A common complaint about this band is their tendency towards somewhat childishness in the lyrics (sometimes approaching Kimya Dawson levels), but apart from "Snail" (a song sympathizing with their demise by strollers or salt), that component seems to be kept to a minimum here. This is a gentle record that soothes me any time.   MTQ=10/10
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