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Here at IndiePages, we host a whole bunch of websites for excellent indie labels, bands, mailorders, etc. Most sites were designed by us, and all come recommended!

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We like making websites - especially for bands/labels/etc that we admire and enjoy! What's cool about these sites is that they're on our server and you don't have to pay a monthly fee for webspace, have annoying ads, or do any of the hard work involved in getting your website up and running. Also, we always put a lot of work into making original, attractive pages that are tailored to the person who wants them. An Indie Page is something to be proud of!

So, if you want your very own Indie Page, send us a note, telling us the name of your label/band/etc, and what you're looking for, and we'll try to get back to you quickly. If we haven't heard of you, please send us some stuff so we will know if you'll fit with the rest of our projects.

Current Sites

Best Kept Secret:  A very prolific Italian tape label featuring bands from all around the world like Apple Orchard, Sauvie Island Moon Rocket Factory, Simpatico, Le Man Avec Les Lunettes, Bears, Skittle Alley and much more.

Bottle Rocket ZinePAPER zine from Georgia! It's short, cheap and fun - everything a zine should be!

Boyracer:  Boyracer? Only the best noise pop band around! Over a decade old, with a hundred releases on a hundred labels!

The Capstan Shafts:  Probably the most prolific songwriter of this decade, and with an astoundingly high batting average! Check out any of his releases - they're all winners!

Fishrider Records:  Small label from New Zealand that specializes in psych-pop, New Zealand style! Releases available from the Dark Beaks, Junk Shop Star and the Puddle.

Humblebee Recordings:  Fun Canadian indiepop label with releases from the Airfields, Postal Blue, the Apple Orchard, the State Of Samuel, and more!

Little Teddy Recordings:  Everybody in the world knows who Little Teddy is! Home to the Bartlebees, TVPs, Tullycraft, MOTO, Silly Pillows, and about a billion others.

Lovejoy:  Pop group from Brighton, UK with releases on Matinée Recordings. Pastoral pop for the now generation!

Matinée Recordings:  Matinée is simply one of the best POP! labels around today. They have too many good releases to mention here.

Series Two Records:  An excellent cd-r label from Nebraska with nearly a hundred releases, including Springfactory, Peace In Our Time, Oh! Custer, Desmond Reed and many others, including a fine series of multinational pop comps!

The Soft City:  New York City group featuring Phil Sutton (also of Kicker/The Projects), with an EP out on Cloudberry and more to come!

Spanner Records:  New microlabel from Britain set up to release records from Godsmania (and whoever else they may fancy).

Older/Archived Sites (a selection)

Baby Calendar:  Excellent pop band from Miami that's equal parts punk and twee! They have a fine album on Happy Happy Birthday To Me, as well as a couple self-released discs.

Bobsy:  Acoustic indiepop band from Singapore with a 7" on Drive-In, and a couple compilation appearances.

The Condiments:  Defunct Seattle indiepop band, with a 90s indie rock style similar to Velocity Girl. You can download pretty much everything they've recorded here.

East Village:  One of my favorite jangly guitar-pop groups from the late 80s with releases on Heavenly, Summershine and Excellent!

The Faintest Ideas:  One of the best bands of this century - fantastic, shambling crash-pop in the vein of Boyracer or the Bright Lights!

Gritty Kitty:  Adorable Athens, GA band with releases on Kindercore, Lil' Lion and Planting Seeds Records!

Harper Lee:  Classic melancholic pop band featuring Keris of Brighter & Laura of Kicker, with several releases on Matinée.

Kickstand Zine:  Hey look - it's the famous Kickstand Zine! Take a look at the indiepop scene of the 90s with lots of interviews, reviews, and more.

The Lil' Hospital:  Sunny lo-fi pop straight from the bedroom to your heart!

Lil' Lion:  Julie put out some of the most attractive and endearing tapes ever! Releases by Gritty Kitty, Agent Origami, the Pecan Sandies and more.

M.O.T.O.:  Poppy punk band that's been around for a couple decades - and has the discography to prove it, with releases on Little Teddy, MOC, Criminal IQ and more!

Patience Please:  Indiepop group from Seattle with albums on Jigsaw and HHBTM and a sound that fits somewhere between Superchunk, the Lucksmiths and the Weakerthans.

Popgun Recordings:  Fun tape label that tried to make it to 100 releases, but sadly stopped in its mid-60s. Casino Ashtrays, Laura Watling, Winnebago, Poison Control Center, & so much more.

Postal Blue:  Gentle indiepop band from Brazil with releases on Drive-In, Shelflife and Humblebee!

Rub-A-Dub Tape Club:  Sadly missed tape label with releases from the Bright Lights, Lil' Hospital and an ace comp.

Jason Smart:  Singer/songwriter from Brighton, UK with releases on La Di Da, Hoppel Di Hoy, and his own label, Home-Grown.

The Snowdrops:  Short-lived group which included Dick Preece (Lovejoy), Keith Girdler (Blueboy), and Pam Berry (every other band in existance).

Suretoss:  Indie band with a couple singles on Jigsaw, a tape on Best Kept Secret, and loads of compilation appearances!

Yellow Mica Recordings:  Ace Swedish cd-r label with releases from Boyracer, Javelins/Faintest Ideas, Kin, Second-Hand Furniture and lots more!