Little Teddy Recordings

Hello and welcome to the Little Teddy Recordings cyberspace manifestation!

Little Teddy Recordings, a Munich / Bavaria / Germany / Europe based indie label that is dedicated to the international pop underground. We publish records, run a mail-order, organize parties, do a radio show and book bands we like from all over the planet. If you are into 6Ts marbled, twee flavoured, punk-rock driven U-Pop you should check in.

Big Teddy and Little Teddy (Great Britain, 1916) were an inseparable pair who appeared in stories written by Mrs H. C. Craddock in the years between the two World Wars and were very popular with young readers. It was thought that Mrs Craddock based her books on the toys and teddy bears owned by her own daughter Margaret. Little Teddy has the distinction of being the only literary bear to have some of his limbs missing.

The label was founded in November 1991 by Andy Freiberger and Armin Kasper as a platform for their now defunct band The Bartlebees. Both being manic record collectors and music enthusiasts the roster was soon to be extended and records by the likes of the McTells, Cannanes, Wimp Factor 14 and Tullycraft were released…… Over 120 releases later we’re facing our 15th anniversary, which is quite a time for an indie label these days where fashion outdates itself and revivalism strikes at 273bpm. It’s hard to believe I’m still doing this, since Armins enthusiasm started fading a few years back. Guess it must mean something to me after all.

So lets stop all this mumbo jumbo, since you're better off taking a look for yourself and find out what this crazy little thing is all about. It's about pop music and punk rock. Guitars, drums, keys and vocals. Tunes and noise. Boys and girls. Love and hate. Loss and discovery. Poets and fools (a poet no, a fool of course I am). Us and you. Anything really, that you want it to be. All the rest is on this site. We'll see if you like it. If you do, drop us a line; if you don't, get lost.

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Keep on keeping on!

Much love,

P.S.: I'd like to thank all the members of the Little Teddy massive for their support and encouragement during the past years. Keep the faith!