What's Up?
January 2nd, 2001: There will never be another issue of Kickstand. Ten is all you get. I do still have plenty of back issues (mainly #10) sitting around, so feel free to order and send me fun things in return. If you don't have anything fun, you can send a couple bucks.

July 26th, 2000: If I had half of the inspiration and patience for doing the next Kickstand as I have for making websites, I would put the zine out every few weeks. I just don't, though. I will make no promises, but there will be a spine-tingling tale of seals in the next (last) issue that you will enjoy.

June 27th, 2000: Not too much going on. There are lots of things going on at IndiePages, though! I would love to make you a website. If you would like anything from me, send me charming Japanese stationery with pictures of moles or chipmunks or flat pandas or the like on it and you will be justly rewarded. Zines? Reviews mix tapes? Kickstand shirts?

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