from kickstand #8


This is wild and crazy! Pete and Rachel got back to me about my interview, but according to Pete, "Unfortunately your questions seem to have gone missing, so I'm going to give you a little potted history of Slampt instead, and then maybe we'll make up some of our own questions." So no, those aren't the questions I asked. But hey! They work for me.
Pete: Slampt started in the summer of 1992 as an excuse for us to unleash some of our ideas on the world. It was never (and still isn't) intended as just a record label, it is multi-format punk rock: could be a film, or vinyl, cassettes, fanzines, recipes, valentine cards, gigs, badges. All of these things have been given Slampt catalogue numbers.

But anyway, the first thing we did was release a cassette of mine and Rachel's band which is called AVOCADO BABY, which sold 300 copies and that was pretty encouraging. So we started doing cassettes and records by other bands, then pretty soon we found we had something pretty solid. Nowadays Slampt is 24 hours with me and Rachel rarely getting any sleep. Consult our catalogue for an idea of who the bands we have done are.

Rachel: What's so punk rock about cassettes anyway?
Cassettes rule because: they're cheap to make (you can copy 'em up yourself). They're almost instantaneous. They're easy to carry around - tiny bombs of punka in your bag. Capitalism + major labels + grownups don't take 'em seriously so they slip into the hands of the kids unnoticed by the 'real' world. You can make one or a million copies. You can whisper into tape players in your own room rather than hiring out 'proper' studios populated with sound men who don't get it.

Rachel: What's more punk - (a) Dancing wildly at gigs to bands you hardly know - but dig - or buying loads of records? (b) xylophones or guitars? (c) The Ramones or Talulah Gosh?
Pete:(a) Dancing at gigs, because records are just the documents of punk, whereas wild wild dancing is punk in action.
(b) xylophones because they ain't just more of the same old shit.
(c) The Ramones and Talulah Gosh are more punk.

Rachel: How badly does the UK scene suck?
Signs of improvement are becoming apparent with more dissimilation and wildness occurring: witness the El Sub collective + the Neptunes releases : bands such as: Ebolla : Tunic : International Strike Force : Month of Birthdays : Red Monkey : Accessory Girl : Sally Skull : Miss Y X. . . . . blah blah are improving situations: fanzines are getting underground networks together: longevity seems to be forming backbones of communication: room for improvement however = more ladies : more stuff : more organizers : fewer collectors : more direct expressions of passions.

Rachel: From where do the poisoned kids get their essential nutrients? How does what you ingest colour your views?
[Pete makes an arrow to the word "poisoned" and writes "poisoned? Who me?" Just so you know]
Pete: Well, if the poison is the major labels, and the British Music Press, and the Radio 1, and the A & R men, and the suits, and the mobile phones, and the arms trading, and the stocks and shares, and the xtra track on the CD, and the glossy video, and the monopoly, and the love of money over human beings, then hopefully Slampt is the reviving Essential Nutrient.

What you ingest does colour your views: try swapping an LSD tab for your cup of tea, or a beefburger for your wholemeal bread and you'll see what I mean.