daisy Ordering
I'm out of everything except Kickstands nine and ten and it's a waste of my time and money to copy old ones, so there you go! I will copy old ones for appropriate bribes, however.

  • #10 has interviews with Debbie Drechsler of Nowhere comic fame, the Leslies, and #Poundsign#. Also included: Texas, comics, fiascoes, love, manatees, summer, and short vignettes about each of the 50 states by people who live in them! Naturally there are zine and music reviews as well. (64 pp.)

  • #9 had interviews with Wolfie, Gritty Kitty, Ryan Lewis of Kindercore Records and Kincaid, and the Indie Rock Triple Date kids. There are also hugely entertaining recountings of our fight against the ants, our drive up the Western coast for Popfest Northwest, and how I failed my driver's test. Not to mention the Marine Girls thing, the comics, and all the zine and music reviews. (64 pp.)

If you'd like to order any of my zines, please order them from my husband, Chris, at Jigsaw Records. You can probably get my zine free if your order any of his stuff, or you can send us a buck or two if all you want is the zine.

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