Demo of the Week

If you have a band, and you want to be featured on this page, drop us a line with a website/myspace/etc (or mail us a cd-r), and if we like your songs, we'll include you. The only requirement is that submitted songs haven't been released on a cd or record (not counting cd-rs you make yourself)...

Note: These songs are only up for a limited time - please don't link to them!

February 6th - The Whatevers

Boy/girl duo from the UK that plays playful bedroom indiepop - nice! Check out their many mini-releases on Bandcamp...

Location Leeds, UK
Songs 1.  Pretty In The Rain
2.  Rhapsody In Blue Jeans
3.  You And Your Twisted Romance

January 16th - Kramer Versus Kramer

Basically a totally lo-fi take on the whole Phil Spector sound, these three songs are simple, catchy and drenched in reverb!

Location Chicago, IL
Songs 1.  Reverberations
2.  Wrong Words
3.  NYC Girls