Bottle Rocket!

issue 1 Issue #1

This is the first ever issue, making it the first zine I've ever finished. It's got a Tullycraft interview, a few reviews, and lots of fun things like a comic about all the concerts I've missed, (which actually isn't fun at all once I think about it) a polaroid I took in Florida, and lots more!

Sorry, these are all gone!

issue 2 Issue #2

Contains interviews with Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records, Tender Trap and Camera Shy, as well as an article on mixtapes, some more polaroids and more reviews!

Sorry, these are gone, too!

issue 3 Issue #3

This issue's got an interview with A Smile And A Ribbon, an article on a Japanese grocery, some reviews, and a lot more!

Sadly, these are sold out now!

issue 4 Issue #4

This issue has interviews with WeePOP! Records, Watoo Watoo, and A Candlelight Vigil. It also has a picture that actually came from the first zine I ever tried to make, reviews, a bit about my first ever trip to Europe, with subway maps and everything!

Just sold my last one!

issue 5 Issue #5

This issue has an interview with The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and California Snow Story, some pictures, an article about Grimsey written by Krister Bladh, more mixtapes I really ought to make, reviews, and tons more you'll probably like.

But it's sold out!

issue 6 Issue #6

This issue has interviews with Cloudberry Records and Unpopular Records, titles for more mixtapes I have yet to make, (and the tracklist for one I have in fact already made) and reviews, some written by me and some not!

Sorry, these are all gone!

issue 7 Issue #7

Interviews with the Lucksmiths, Strawberry Story and Summer Cats, and a bit about my trip to Athens.

Also comes with a Cloudberry compilation 3" with Play People, Winter Club, Nixon, Andersen Tapes, and Funny Little Dream!

Too bad they're all gone now, though!

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